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Typing Instructor for Kids

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For 20 years, Typing Instructor has helped individuals improve their typing skills. Now, Typing Instructor for Kids delivers the same proven typing methods for children in anentertaining and educational environment. Toby and Lafitte help parents entertain, motivate, and educate their young typists and quickly turn them into touch-typists.

Learn to Type on a Fun-Filled Adventure
Typer Island Adventure is anexciting place to learn to type! Your kids will be motivated to improve their typing skills as they travel through five unique lands leading up to the castle. In each land, they'll experience new and exciting typing challenges, learn new keys, and buildspeed and accuracy.

Acquire Essential Typing Skills Early
Helping your children learn to type correctly early in life is essential; once bad habits set in, they are more difficult to change later. With a foundation of essential typingskills, younger students will complete homework more quickly and accurately, and they'll possess the basic Internet skills they need to excel.

Lessons, Challenges, and Results
Proven educational and instructional techniques areincorporated into Typer Island's lessons and tests. WPM (Words Per Minute) and accuracy scores are reported after each typing activity and results are saved for up to five typists.

New! Skill Settings Offer a Personalized Experience
Kidsof varying skill levels should never have to start at the same place or progress at the same speed. Typing Instructor for Kids now offers varying, skill-level settings that allow young students to advance at different paces.

New! Seven NewFriends Help You Achieve Your Typing Goals
Toby and Lafitte, the invaluable guides on Typer Island, are friendlier than ever! Plus, kids interact with Jack O'Hare, Simon de Vorak, and other new characters through each land.


  • Step-by-step typing instruction
  • Hundreds of lessons a