X8 Drums X8-CT-KLB Coconut Kalimba Thumb Piano ~ X8 Drums & Percussion


X8 Drums X8-CT-KLB Coconut Kalimba Thumb Piano

Brand X8 Drums & Percussion
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  • This coconut kalimba thumb piano features a gecko carving on a mahogany front plate
  • The shell of the instrument is an actual coconut that resonates quite well when the 7 metal keys are played
  • To adjust the sound, just tighten or loosen the two screws on the top of the piano
  • The outside keys play the higher pitches while the longer keys produce lower notes
  • This is a fun instrument for players of all ages and requires no real skill to make music
This Kalimba thumb piano is made of a coconut shell with a wooden faceplate. Features 7 keys and a hand carved wooden gecko design on the faceplate. This thumb piano may be tuned to change the sound by adjusting the tension of the screws. Simply loosen the screws, then move the keys in or out to adjust their length, and therefore their pitch.