Optimus 8018913 Sparky Handheld Piezo ~ Optimus


Optimus 8018913 Sparky Handheld Piezo

Brand Optimus
Category Sports
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  • Quick & easy push-button Ignition
  • Doesn't use flammable Fuel
  • Gas intake holes for safe lighting
  • Works with canister & liquid Fuel stoves
  • Ergonomic design
The Sparky handheld Piezo stove lighter from optimums ignites with the simple press of a button. Holes at the tip allow a bit of gas into the tube, and the Piezo mechanism creates a small electric Spark for safe and reliable ignition. This Piezo lighter uses no fuel, so you'll never have the unpleasant surprise of a lighter that has run dry. The Sparky works with canister and liquid fuel stoves, comes with a lanyard and fits comfortably in your hand during use.