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Multiroom Audio System - 5 Speaker Package - Includes 1 Master Speaker + 4 Satellite Speakers

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  • Wireless music for your home, up to 5 different locations! The master speaker connects to your phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth. The master speaker receives your music, then streams it wirelessly to the satellite speakers in different rooms!
  • Unlike WiFi speaker systems which restrict streaming capabilities, Multiroom allows you to stream any source from your device to any location you choose. Pandora, YouTube, iTunes, etc., nothing is off-limits. Setup is easy and takes only 5-10 minutes.
  • Multiroom App (downloaded free from Google Play Store / Apple App Store) features built-in EQ that can adjust bass, treble, DSP modes, assign left and right speakers (stereo), Power on/off each speaker or mute the whole system. Each individual room or zone can also be labeled and customized via the Multiroom App.
  • Master speaker features the latest Bluetooth version, 4.0. This extends the range from your phone to the master speaker to an impressive 40 feet and is more efficient than ever meaning music playback will not deplete your phone's battery for many hours to come. Satellite speakers feature an even more impressive range of 50 feet through walls/obstructions.
  • This bundle contains: 1 Master Speaker, 4 Satellite Speakers, 5 AC Adapters, 1 Aux Cable. Multiroom speakers provide omni-directional, HD Audio. A fantastic addition to any household, this system is available in combinations of 2 speakers, 3 speakers or 5 speakers total.
Stream anything, anywhere
YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, the options are endless! Unlike traditional wireless multi-room audio systems, your streaming capabilities are not limited by proprietary design. Other wireless systems are limited by licensing rights, and cannot stream certain content. Multiroom knows no limits as it receives the Bluetooth signal from any phone or tablet and streams it to the master speaker. The master speaker will than stream via 2.4 gHz up to 4 additional speakers that can each be up to 100 feet away! Wireless whole house audio has never been easier!

CSR Bluetooth 4.0
High-efficiency, low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 means you can play music longer, wireless music quality has never sounded better and your phone can be up to 40 feet away from the master speaker.

Plug and Play
The Multiroom system is easy and quick to set up. First plug in each speaker with the provided AC adapter (up to 5 total), download the 'Multiroom System' App from the Google Play or Apple App Store and that's it! You are ready to enjoy wireless distributed audio at the touch of a button.

Quality Wireless Sound
Multiroom System knows wireless music can't come at the expense of great sound. 30 Watts RMS per speaker offers plenty of power from the integrated amp. A tuned and ported cabinet ensures proper frequency response, a Bass Reflex Port keep low-frequency sound tight, even at louder volumes.

Output: 150W RMS Total
Bluetooth: v4.0 CSR
Speaker Cabinet: Real wood construction
Color: Oak Black
Bluetooth Operating Range: 40 feet (from master speaker)
2.4 gHz Wireless Operating range (master speaker to satellites): 50 ft through walls, up to 100 feet line of sight.
Dimension of Satellite Speakers 8" (L) x 12.5" (H) x 6" (W)
Dimensions of Base Speaker 12.5" (L) x 6" (H) x 8" (W)