FUN TOES Water Skin Aqua Socks Spandex- Neoprene Sole For Water Sports 2 Pairs (Large Women 6.5-8, Men 5.5-7, Black) ~ FUN TOES


FUN TOES Water Skin Aqua Socks Spandex- Neoprene Sole For Water Sports 2 Pairs (Large Women 6.5-8, Men 5.5-7, Black)

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  • A PERFECT FIT: Stretchy polyester Spandex uppers allow our water socks to conform to the shape of your foot, so our swim socks won't get in the way of your activities
  • AMPLE PROTECTION: The neoprene soles on our aqua socks keep the bottoms of your feet safe and insulate your feet to keep you warm
  • QUICK DRY FABRIC: Our swimming pool socks dry off quickly, meaning no soggy wet socks inside of your shoes
  • IDEAL FOR ANY ACTIVITY: Wear them as pool socks, surf socks, scuba socks, fin socks for snorkeling & more! VINYL BAG: Comes with a usefull vinyl bag to store them after use
Splashing at the pool, visiting the water park and participating in water sports can be plenty of fun, but those activities can be hard on your feet. Pool decks, fins and sports equipment can harbor microbes that can give rise to infection. Plus, your feet can get cold in the water, and there are hazards everywhere that could cause injury if you step on them. The good news is that you can take steps to protect your feet and enjoy all of your favorite activities on, in and near the water with FUN TOES Water Socks! FUN TOES Water Socks are socks designed specifically for wear in wet environments. Uppers made out of spandex and polyester allow the aqua socks to fit like a second skin, so you can still use water skis and wear fins for diving. The neoprene soles on the swim socks protect the bottoms of your feet and insulate your skin to keep you feeling warm. Our aqua socks come in fashionable colors to match your outfits and your swimwear perfectly. Sold in a 2 pair pack, the swimming socks are available in a range of sizes to fit nearly all Men, Women and Teens perfectly. FUN TOES Water Socks are the perfect accessories to use as: - Scuba socks - Fin socks for snorkeling - Pool socks - Surf socks - Boating & kayaking socks - Beach socks - Socks for the waterpark - Socks for beach volleyball and water sports Protect your feet and enjoy the stylish look of the most fashionable, functional swimming pool socks on Amazon! Order FUN TOES Water Socks today.